Das PEye Table Management System

PEye Table Management System

‘PEye TMS’ is an advanced table management system for casinos of any size, subject to continuous development since it was launched on the market in 2007. ‘PEye TMS’ is an extremely flexible modular system that can be quickly adapted to your specific wishes and requirements and offers good value for money.

‘PEye TMS’ detects roulette numbers, recorded by video image in a split second, faster, and with more reliability than any other technology.

Animated table- and game-summary billboard displays provide the guests with current statistical information promptly and constantly, e.g. on winning numbers, but may also be used for advertising or even live-TV.

A key feature of ‘PEye TMS’ is the complete surveillance of all sub-processes at the Roulette-wheel and on the table top, an essential precondition of ensuring ‘fair-play’.

Due to the intelligent linking of video technology with hard- and software, ‘PEye TMS’ supplies a lot of data for your in-house reporting. At the same time you receive a reliable data basis to improve your management processes, e.g. to optimize both personnel deployment and games on offer.

Stunning display monitors, registration of cash flows and revenues, automatic speech announcement, as well as a unique link with the casino’s video technology, e.g. which can be used to investigate any situation in question, and last but not least, a smart quality assurance system make ‘PEye TMS’ the most comprehensive hard- and software solution for the live gaming industry at the present time.



GLC Low Res Color (2)

All modules with core functions are GLI certified