Electronic locking system

Flexible organisational structures, spatial and temporal flexibility, as well as a number of additional factors place high demands on the infrastructure of building and security technology. The Organisation of locking systems is also becoming increasingly complex because these requirements increase and frequently change. This means that Access authorisations need to be constantly updated¯-for instance, in the case of short-term employment contracts, or when tradesmen and external service providers are used. What’s more, if keys are also frequently lost, additional costs are incurred. All things considered, it is a complicated matter. This locking system is the simple solution.

The electronic key

A chip integrated in the head makes each key a unique electronic device. Data transmission is powered by an easily replaced standard battery. With an LED function display, both optical and acoustic signaling are provided for access entitlements, time zones and battery status. The electronic key is produced as a reversible key and therefore always fits. Optionally, the key can be equipped with a quartz-controlled time function, or be supplied as a programmable version. The high quality and durability of the compact key also enable problemfree and long-lasting operation.

Remote programming device

Using the remote programming devices the employees can update their latest access authorization.

This way you can unlock a special lock from any location for a specific period of time. After this time the system relocks automatically. There are two versions of the remote programming device available. Two wall mounted devices, normal or vandal-proof and a mobile programming device which you can, e.g. supply your technician with.


Local programming device

A PC-programming device, as well as a programming key are required for programming a new user key.

User keys are available in three versions: – As a E1 basic, as a E2 (here you can program time access) and as E3 remote (this key can be programmed via remote programming devices). For outdoor installation, for example for storage in the fire-service safe, there is the so called ‘Beluga’ key with a thick orange protective cap, which can withstand temperatures of between -30°C – 50°C. The standard key can be fitted with different coloured rings according to its function. In addition, special battery compartment covers with an integrated RFID Transponder are available, so that the key can be used simultaneously for your current access authorization and time tracking.


Examples for cylinder types

There is a wide range of cam locks on offer for this system. Normal cylinders and half cylinders are available in all standard lengths, as well as a wide variety of padlocks. Exclusive to us are locking Lever cylinders for all kinds of slot machines.

These lever cylinders are supplied exclusively by us. The locking cylinders are available optionally with dust and moisture protection, so that the cylinder can be universally fitted outdoors. The highlight of these cylinders is that they are electronically coded, and yet have no battery. The required energy is supplied by the key, which makes a cylinder replacement unproblematic in comparison to other Systems.