Mechanical locking system

If a key gets lost, you only have to replace the key of this combination. The cylinders can be reprogrammed using the old and new red programming key. There are 77824 different combinations.

The highlight of this system is that the cylinder can be mechanically programmed with new locking data, therefore eliminating the need to replace expensive cylinders. Furthermore, cylinder storage is easy as all cylinders are the same. The keys can only be reordered on production of a security card, and due to the unique shaping and finish, cannot be copied, which makes the system highly secure. The cylinder construction is very robust as no pins and springs are used. The construction effectively protects against classic lock-picking attempts. This system is cheaper to buy than cylinder core systems. Should a key get lost, it is much cheaper to put right, as only the key has to be changed. The keys, compared to those in other  systems, are much cheaper to replace.