PEye KSoft

The table keyboard application ‘PEye KSoft’ comes with a graphic user interface adapted to your individual requirements. With this input/output interface all important data are available at a glance. You can carry out all inputs intuitively. It is possible to use the screen for other Windows applications too, for example the video surveillance viewer software. Touchscreen sizes are available in 10, 12 or 15 inch.

Logins respectively ‘changed hand’ for the dealer and the pitboss can be entered in different ways:

  • Personalized login/logout (Manual)
  • Personalized login/logout (by RFID)
    For RFID login the application “PEye AccessControl” is required.

In both cases a “changed hand” is displayed on the table display. If a personalized login is not allowed, the login can be done by the so-called “dealer change”- button on the dealer display.

‘PEye KSoft’ (‘K’ stands for ‘Keyboard’) offers numerous configuration options to disable unrequired elements and show required elements.

In addition, there is a TCP interface for 3rd party applications in order to monitor all the major events and to control ‘KSoft’ remotely.