PEye KSoft: Option Audio Output

‘PEye TMS’ supplies on demand automatic announcements at the Roulette table for ’finish betting’, ‘no more bets’, ‘winning number’ and ‘jingles’. Automatic announcements may be saved with a personal voice profile. Automatic announcements provide a considerable increase in security because

  • during the game cycle, the ball and the table top remain in sight of the dealer at all times till the drop down of the ball into the pocket of the ‘winning number’,
  • the announcement ‘no more bets’ takes place at the right point in time at the end of each game cycle. The documentation of the exact time of announcement is recognized in court.

Depending on the geometrical shape of the Roulette bowl and the ball used, a limit value of the ball-speed (assigned to each gaming table) will be defined as a trigger. If the ball-speed goes below the lower limit value, the announcement ‘no more bets’ will be made automatically.

In case the announcement has to occur earlier, the dealer is also able to activate the announcement ‘no more bets’ by pressing a button on the dealer display. The documentation of the announcement will also be recognized in court, if necessary.