PEye RMeas

When the statistical frequency distribution of your roulette wheel deviates significantly from the normal distribution, you have a problem, and, as the manager/boss of a casino, you have probably been searching for quite a while for the solution to this problem.

After all, deviations in frequency distribution could lead to a higher winning chance for the observant guest and thus to lower profits for the casino.

Therefore, a high assurance of quality is an absolute must in the casinos of today.

Our precision measuring system, ‘RMeas’, can help you with this problem. Measurements, for example, pocket width, pocket depth, radial and axial run-out and the elasticity of the pocket inlays can be made on your roulette wheels with different probes. Moreover, in contrast to other checking systems, the angular reference can also be recorded in ‘RMeas’. Consequently, a series of measurements can be shown in a polar-diagram, similar to the statistical wheel analysis in ‘ASoft’. Correlations between mechanical deviations and statistical frequency distribution can therefore be discovered more easily.

This knowledge about mechanical deviations can be used in conjunction with the ‘ASoft’ analysis software to specify in-house quality standards. These specifications will, in turn, help you to decide whether you need to replace a roulette wheel.

Important note

  • The wheel does not have to be removed in order to carry out the measurements.
  • All wheel checks carried out with our system will be documented in detail.

In order to save the casino time and effort, our company offers this wheel check as a Service.